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How We're Different

Retirement & Legacy Coaching

You have a story. A Legacy. You have done the hard work with sacrifice and now you're ready to retire. Great job! But, now what? Michael Romero meets with nearly-retired or retired clients and most of the time it's about life, not investments. Life is more about time, family, and influence.

How are you going to live in this new season of life? What are you going to do with your time? How does Social Security and Taxes relate to my plan? These questions must be addressed.

This service is designed to help you navigate through retirement while "Living Your Legacy."

Corporate Retirement-Plan Education

True financial wellness comes when inspiration and education are combined with implementation that lead to positive financial behaviors. We have found that most retirement and 401(k) plans offer adequate investment options but education is missing.

We will partner with you to provide your employees inspiration and education to change their lives. Instead of feeling out of control with their finances, and perhaps, searching for a higher paying job, your employees will feel like they got a raise.